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Radiance Academia Coaching has an innovative program that excels in every aspect. Internationally recognized that is at the forefront of coaching and is constantly updated with the latest advances in neuroscience and pedagogy.

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Our Services

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Coach Education Program

Our goal is to develop high-quality, spiritually-aware coaches who are confident in their ability to make a positive impact on the world.

Personal Coaching

For many people, coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills.

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Organizational Coaching

We offer a unique combination of organizational development interventions and the use of coaching skills to raise the bar and create high standards.

byWellbeing for Startups

Startups boutique service to leaders and teams at the time of growth of the company. We facilitate the company project to grow in a harmonious way.

Spiral Staircase

Academia Coaching

Accredited ICF
Coach Certification Programs

More than 100 hours of direct classes and supervised real practices

Personalized attention

Small groups to maximize learning


training program accredited by

the ICF

Our Happy Clients

"My experience with Virginia has been magical from the beginning. In coaching, confidence is fundamental and she transmitted it from the first contact we had which was a phone call. Thanks to this confidence, I felt very comfortable at the beginning of the training with Her and I was able to take advantage of her to the fullest. I can say that it is thanks to her that I am the coach that I am today with great pride and I hope to have it in my life forever. It has taught me that we can all be rays of light in our lives and, So, illuminate the world. Thanks, Vir! "

Gloria Lopez Benito

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