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  • Is the program 100% virtual?
    In this initial stage all Radiance Training is virtual and interactive via Zoom, with the 20-hour independent study option in a series of topics to be chosen by the student.
  • How is the methodology?
    The methodology is divided into three phases that can be taken consecutively or simultaneously in a period of time.The first phase is a coaching process between the student and a COACH PCC. The second phase is the training of the information and practice of coaching at the professional coach level (PCC). The third phase is the supervision and mentoring of the coaching processes of the student with their own customers.In addition to helping you with compliance with the rest of the requirements to get your certification.
  • With this certification, can I professionally devote myself to coaching?
    Yes, the RADIANCE certification meets and exceeds the ICF hours requirement to be certified as a professional coach. Apart from the certification that provides the course, the ICF requires a minimum of 100 hours of experience by exerting as coach with clients for the ACC credential and a minimum of 500 hours for the PCC credential (professional coach).
  • How is the radiance training different from other coaching schools?
    Radiance's training is a holistic program with emphasis on non-directive coaching using methodologies that incorporate the latest advances in neuroscience and adult learning theory.
  • If I do not have related studies, can I perform certification in coaching?
    It is not necessary that you have previous coaching studies, what is recommendable is that you have previous professional studies and experience.
  • What requirements are necessary for this training?
    Deep appreciation for people. Commitment to growth and personal discovery. Ability to maintain presence and focus on the client. Ability to understand the autonomy of both the coach and the client. Three years minimal work experience. Commitment to communicate honestly, to be receptive to feedback, attendance, to create time and energy to participate fully in the program. Responsible for finding their own customers.
  • How much time should I dedicate to training?
    The training takes 130+ hours in total. The average duration to certify as a professional coach ranges between 1 and 2 ½ years, depending on the student's dedication to obtaining its own clients and meet the certification requirements.
  • In what time are practical lessons performed?
    Schedule: In the individual part (16 hours), It will be coordinated between trainer and student.In groups, they will be 3 hours per week: depending on the schedule in which you are, are generally night schedules from 6pm to 9pm (CST) and Mornings from 7am to 10am (Madrid Time) / previously check our schedules.
  • What happens if I miss some lessons? How are they replaced?
    The classes will be recorded and will be uploaded to a sure environment that the student will be able to access their convenience. In addition, the student can consult with his trainers to clarify doubts and deepen the understanding of the material covered in class.
  • Doing this training can I certify myself directly with ICF?
    When completing the course, the student is certified as a coach by the Coaching Radiance Academy and Radiance Partners LLC. To receive the ACC or PCC credential of the ICF (in addition to the COACH certification), the coach needs to have a certain number of hours of coaching to customers:100 hours for the ACC credential.500 hours for the PCC credential.
  • In the price of training is it all inclusive?
    130 hours of training and all class material. Supervision and support of the student with his first three clients. Coaching session feedback for the exam. Coaching between supervised peers. Free access to virtual training sessions with credit. Free access to monthly classes with continuing education credit for coaches. 10 hours of mentoring required by ICF and by which it is normally paid additional.
  • What kind of practices are performed during training?
    The practices are of several types: # exercises to understand concepts, # coaching between partners, # coaching with program coaches, # observation of coaching sessions at the MCC and PCC level explained.
  • How is the evaluation method to obtain my certification in Coaching?
    The student's evaluation is continuous through the course, with emphasis on learning, demonstration and application of ICF coaching competences and includes three exams: Examination at the middle of the course. Final exam. Ethics examination.
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