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Welcome to the home of Radiance Academia Coaching.

We are experienced coaches and coach educators who join with our network of like-minded professionals to realize our mission, which is to connect in spirit to catalyze powerful transformation.

Coach Education Program

Our goal is to develop high-quality, spiritually-aware coaches who are confident in their ability to make a positive impact on the world. We Value Trust, Commitment, Clarity, Kindness, and Joyful Excellence and are dedicated to the good of the whole. We are committed to continually improving our training, adapting to the changing needs of our clients and world.

Radiance Coach Education Leads to Quality Coaching

Radiance Coach Education is an ICF Accredited Education Program. This means we have to pass a rigorous oversight process by ICF every 6 months in order to offer our program. All our education uses the ICF Core Competencies as a base, ensuring our students have a firm understanding of the Competencies when they graduate. The ICF Core Competencies best practices are one pillar of our foundation. Another pillar is our spiritual approach, working with our clients to uncover their life purpose, identify their top values and strengths, and create new habits of success that get them to the next level in their lives. The third pillar of our foundation is Neuroscience, deepening our understanding of why coaching works. Here are details on the structure of the different education programs offered by Radiance Coach Educators.

Personal Coaching

The Radiance Coaching program helps you reach your potential and exponentially increase your well-being. This program creates a firm foundation of ‘who you are’ to establish what makes meaning in your life. In our coaching, we partner with the client to co-create the coaching program that best meets their needs. We can use any number of our Tools for Transformation to help you define your path, such as:

  • Your Radiance Purpose

  • Purposeful Steps and Check-In

  • Radiance Vision

  • Words of Wisdom

These instruments are combined in a way that works uniquely for you, depending on how you learn, what is important for you, and your goals. In each meeting your coach works with you towards the goals you have agreed upon for the entire coaching program, exploring to find your unique way of overcoming what’s blocking you to reach those goals. Along the way, we discover what makes life meaningful to you so that you can make the decisions that will keep you living on purpose. We help you to develop new habits of success to replace those old thought habits that keep you stuck. What you learn about yourself in your coaching program will impact how you see the world and bring you more successful ways to deal with change. You might learn new ways to interact with those around you, and will certainly learn what it takes for you to live a life of meaning and well-being. Coaching is all about sustainability. In your coaching program, we support you so that what you are learning brings sustainable change to your life, and sets the foundation for greater heights.

Organizational Coaching

We offer a unique combination of organization development interventions and the use of coaching skills to raise the bar and create high-performance standards to improve organizational effectiveness.

Every organization is unique and our services are tailored to meet your needs. We partner with organizations to improve organizational well-being and performance, jumpstart innovation, and promote continuous learning, long-term growth, and sustainability.

We work closely with organizations to catalyze transformation in the areas of:

  • Strategic Start

  • Executive Coaching

  • Action Learning

  • Leadership Development

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Team Building

  • Systems Thinking

  • Facilitating Complex Systems Change

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